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ANT-MAN Review


With what may be the best opening scene yet for a Marvel Studios film, Ant-Man smacks us right in the face and makes us crack a smile in the process.

Throw in Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne, daughter to Hank Pym, who struggles with her mother’s death and the part her father played both before and after the tragic event.  Now add in Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross, protegé of Hank Pym, who doesn’t understand why his mentor has pushed him away keeping them both from goals that Cross so desperately desires to attain.  Four struggles of the heart, a pinch of humor from Michael Pena’s Luis, and all the ant-action you can throw a giant sugar cube at gives Ant-Man the ability to exist on its own and away from the rest of the Mighty Marvel Cinematic Universe.  One could even argue that Ant-Man tends to get stifled when forced to connect to the rest of Marvel’s films but – SPOILER ALERT – one great action scene with Anthony Mackie’s Falcon was simply fan-frickin-tastic.

Ant-Man stands on its own insect legs while becoming a large piece of an ever-growing and changing super heroic quilt.  It does so right from that opening scene and it does it with a heart that understands what it means to do the right thing.  Sometimes it comes with a price, and sometimes the heroes get what they deserve.

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