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argo-still03This is not about what could have been though.   It is about what was and the rich thing that Affleck and the rest of his cast have made it into.   Aside from actually enjoying Affleck’s turn as CIA agent Tony Mendez (maybe it was the beard), I also adored the supporting cast, you can never say enough about supporting cast.   From Bryan Cranston (Agent Jack O’Donnell), to John Goodman’s award-winning make-up artist John Chambers, this cast really brings it home.   My favorite though was Alan Arkin as Hollywood producer Lester Siegel.   The scene where he accompanies Affleck’s Mendez to a meeting with Richard Kind’s Max Klein who acts as the agent that Arkin and Affleck’s characters seek to buy the Argo screenplay from is just priceless.  We are Affleck’s Mendez in this scene, a bit nervous ARGOand not too sure just how this is going to go down.   Affleck pulls this uneasiness off well as Klein rips into Siegel, but what really clinched the scene is the powerful comeback by Arkin’s Siegel – just awesome.   These two characters also share a great scene alone on backlot steps eating some take-out lunch and just talking, mostly about their offspring but giving glimpses into who these men are, mistakes they’ve made, and where they wish to end up.   A simple scene but powerful nonetheless.   Arkin’s character also gives us the funny play on words using the ARGO title that these men share through their experience.

argo_fi1Two Golden Globes and seven Oscar nominations later ARGO has shown its impact.   These awards are hollow accounts though and it is the film itself that we should appreciate by taking a look at it and perhaps using it as a springboard to research the real events of the hostage crisis that lasted for 444 days from 1979 to 1981.   ARGO is a movie that like a crumpled up piece of paper leaving behind permanent wrinkles, ARGO uses its material to craft a special tale that leaves its emotions, good and bad, as wrinkles on our life.

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