Every week we will try to update the Blog with the newest CBG STRIP just in case you missed it.   This week is the addition of our Aquaman strip!


Raph & Frank prove that Comic-Cons are a fun place to be even though Frank is slightly overeager to say the least!   This Wonder Woman cosplay (based in part on the lovely Nicole Marie Jean – check her out on punishershort600

AQUAMAN, and the Guys, desperately want a return to a more warrior king with hook and beard, but the Atlantean is finding some problems in the attempt.


The Guys love their comic art, whether it’s Jim Steranko, Frank Frazetta, or the King himself Jack Kirby.   They’re just kinda wondering why sometimes today the Colorist is asked to do way more than simply color the artwork.


With THE WOLVERINE movie due out in July and the Guys worried if it will actually be good, they wonder what ever happened to the Wolverine that they grew up with — you know, the one that isn’t a tool!


The Guys get an R2 Unit of their very own — but for some it just brings up some old memories of what could have been.


Spirits of Vengeance prepare to party down based on some good news!


Continuing in the ridiculous brought to us by the movies that are G.I. Joe!   May we suggest reading the original series by MARVEL.  Maybe we should upload some good G.I. Joe like the animated RESOLUTE.  Hell, even Cobra-La was better than those damn movies!


Just messing with our guy Sam Wilson, aka THE FALCON, hoping he gets some much-needed respect in the next AVENGERS!


The Comic Book Guys take a good look at STAR FLEET and its curious connection the humanity itself!


We look in on Aquaman once again but feel a new punching bag for the Guys sarcasm is right around the corner!


What would the Professor think?  Oh, Wolverine, where have you gone?

Wolvie School500

Yes, Wolverine will do nicely.  He will serve as our next target of sarcasm! Excellent!


Superman has been waiting around for 75 years and counting!  Maybe the problem isn’t the Man of Steel.


“Where are they now,” you ask?  At the local eatery conquering dirty dishes with Serpentor, that’s where!


A shout out to those that forgot what happened back in the day.  Finally, some polar bear love!


PACIFIC RIM’s Gipsy Danger steps over (and on) some lesser lifeforms.


THE REAL WOLVERINE is about to go into a bezerker rage!  Remember those?!


Someone’s been sleeping in my bed — and they’re still here!


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