The-Dark-Knight-Returns-Part-2-3In much the same way how Clark is uneasy with Bruce’s return, Bruce has an uneasiness about him as well.   Batman is so uncomfortable, and rightfully so, with the Joker’s return and the Joker’s willingness to leave behind many a murdered and/or tortured soul that Batman just wants Joker gone.   Batman and Superman share that uneasy emotion — Superman about Batman’s return and Batman about Joker’s return.   This uneasiness is not fear, mind you, but the acknowledgement that they must do something that they would otherwise not intend to do.   For Batman, there are just too many left dead in the Joker’s chaotic wake while Batman still needs to save a city, unite its people, and its fringe citizens, and all the while steering directly into a final showdown with the Man of Steel himself. (with a nice assist by ol’ Oliver Queen/Green Arrow minus an arm)

vlcsnap-00014-900x506THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS PART 2 (and its mate Part 1) are worthy efforts by DC Animation even if not as groundbreaking as the source material from which they sprung.   I suggest picking these DVDs up on a fun Friday evening then spending the weekend reading Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns if you haven’t already — it changed a character for a generation, influenced an entire medium, and as it turns out — inspired some darn good animation as well.

Next up for DC Animation is Superman: UNBOUND based on the 2008 DC Comics Brainiac storyline by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.   Superman: UNBOUND comes to Blu-Ray and DVD May 7th.

The Guy in the Hat

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