The premise is not new but the way the story is told is engaging. Our planet in 2150 is so wracked with F3_05_elysiumpollution and garbage that the 1 percent has left from Earth entirely. They have created a gated community in a verdant giant space station called “Elysium,” hovering in near orbit, reflected as a kind of new moon in the daytime sky seen from the planet below. The space station reminded me of Kubrick’s 2001 as we see shuttle craft emerging from the axis gliding down to visit the Earth’s inhabitants that live only to serve those who live in the luxury community above.

Matt Damon plays Max, a working stiff who’s has very good reason to break Earth’s laws to get up to the paradise in the skies. Everything that can go wrong for Max does. Max elysium copytakes an impossible job from Spider (Wagner Moura), a human smuggler and data thief, who’s willing to get Max to Elysium after the job is done. The one time partners in crime of this former car thief get killed on a heist while Max ends up being chased by the secret military police. On the giant space station, Delacourt, a ruthless secretary of defense played by Jodie Foster, breaks the rules of law and goes over her superiors, as well she should, because they clearly don’t care. She thinks nothing of hiring a terrestrial lunatic Kruger, played by Sharlto Copley, who is hellbent on recovering Max and the information he now carries. To complicate things more Max’s childhood love from the orphanage where he was raised, Frey, played by Alice Braga, is now involved thanks to Max seeking 951023 - Elysiumher out after he sustains an injury. Frey is a nurse and has a terminally ill daughter who is in need of a miracle health machine found only on Elysium for the chosen few. In addition Max has in his brain the data that can give anyone the entire Elysium operating system, data that both sides are very eager to get their hands on.

With Elysium, Blomkamp comes up with sci-fi conceits that are very familiar to your imagination. What’s eerie, is that our country is so divided that we are not far from an ELYSIUM type world. We should all listen to what our artists and our visionaries are telling us. I wish that Blomkamp took us deeper into the world of Elysium. I really wanted to see how the human species got to this point. Go see this movie, you won’t be disappointed. It will definitely open

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