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FANTASTIC FOUR Trailers & More!

It’s the Final trailers for FANTASTIC FOUR!  First up is the final international trailer for the film opening August 7th and directed by Josh Trank of Chronicle fame.  Then, check out the playlist below for the final domestic trailer and a plethora of other goodies giving the fans more looks at the reboot starring Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing, and Toby Kebbell as Victor Domashev/Doctor Doom.  Watch it all in the players below and see the comic concepts created in 1961 by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby come to awe-inspiring movie life!

Explore the unknown and click a related link below!

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