Far another Usitatissimum lovely very canadian family pharmacy it off and American film director that immigrated to the States in 2006. His version of Diana reminds me of Wonder Woman by way of WB. The way she’s portrayed in the media everyone sees her only as a female superhero, not like an average person who falls in love and has things that interest her in the real world. This would truly push the female superhero movement forward.8C9255243-tdy-131002-wonder-woman.blocks_desktop_mediumThe second is a faux trailer for a Wonder Woman film directed by Sam R. Balcomb who is best known for directing The Legend of Zelda April Fools trailer, released by IGN Entertainment. The trailer premiered on on April 1, 2008 to a huge reaction from social media. The Legend of Zelda April Fools trailer became the 18th most Googled term in the world that day as reported by Variety magazine and made the list of Wikipedia’s well-known pranks. On the second day in April, after it was viewed over 2 million times, IGN revealed that The Legend of Zelda trailer was a hoax. When the studio was asked about the fake Wonder Woman trailer, they had this reply on their site. “The film was a passion project for all involved,” Rainfall Films wrote on its website, calling the trailer, “a unique take on a DC superhero beloved and respected around the world.” Although the trailer isn’t tied to any Hollywood production, the quality of care of the source material has fans excited about the character’s treatment on this fake trailer. It has been viewed nearly 3 million times with many enthusiastic comments. Where’s the Kick-starter campaign for the Wonder Woman movie? Her fans, who appreciate the Amazon’s history, not just as a heroine in the human world, but as a warrior princess, should pay close attention. The trailer explores both sides of Wonder Woman’s world as she’s shown fighting thugs in a modern city street and an in instant she’s taking on giant mythical Minotaur monsters alongside her sisters on Paradise Island. You can check both of these Wonder Woman shorts below and if that’s not enough Wonder Woman news for you then click HERE to satisfy your thirst.69528e09-ba5d-4813-946d-88fc45e7bdca-wonderwoman


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