Marvel Comics has decided to counter DC’s NEW 52 with MARVEL NOW!   If you are a new reader to comics, or you have been living under a rock and don’t have a clue as to what’s DC’s New 52 is about, let me give you a brief description.   The New 52  is one of the biggest things to happen to comic books since Crisis On Infinite Earths nearly 26 years ago.   Not just in terms of changing the status quo, but also in terms of the way comic books are sold.
bm_cv13_order_based_varEvery DC Comic from here on out will be digitally distributed on the same day individual issues hit the shelves of your local comic store.   Comic fans will be able to read their favorite comic books digitally on their iPad, iPhone, and Android.   When at times it seems that print is dying, the economy is drying up, and comic book sales are laughable, this is a big deal at least as far as comic books are concerned.   The New 52 dominated the comic book market share early this year and that’s all comic fans were talking about since it was announced resulting in many more people outside the comics community talking about DC’s heroes.   The books are selling well and for the most part there seems to be an enthusiasm and excitement around the industry as a result of the move.   This was a bold move, and it’s a rare feat for DC in the past four decades.   DC realized that their books were not reaching younger audiences and something needed to be done.   I was excited to see that DC was trying something new with their comics and trying to go modern.   DC comics were getting a little stale and THE NEW 52 was the answer.
This all leads to MARVEL NOW!   They are not calling it a reboot.   Instead, Marvel is calling it a relaunch.   What does that mean?   Well, MARVEL NOW! is a Marvel Comics relaunch beginning in October 2012.   It will bring some major changes to the Marvel Universe following the conclusion of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN.   Marvel will relaunch a number of its existing books and launch a number of new key series.   This events, the 2548168-ironman_1_coverstrategy of Marvel NOW! will change many of Marvel’s iconic characters such as HULK, IRON MAN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, THOR, and SPIDER-MAN.   Clearly Marvel leans more toward the Avengers side of things, rather than the X-Men, due to the enormous success of THE AVENGERS movie.   Aside from changes to well-known characters, MARVEL NOW! also incorporates changes to the Marvel Universe as a whole and the creative teams for many existing, and soon to be relaunched, books.
Marvel have stated that there will be a new number one every week for four months starting in October 2012 and running through January 2013.   Will MARVEL NOW! have the same impact on the in the industry that DC’s NEW 52 has had?  We will find out soon enough but early buzz is positive.   In addition to Marvel Now! Marvel has unveiled their Marvel Digital Comics Shop, the latest place where you can purchase your Marvel comics digitally on both your iOS and/or Android tablet.   Marvel also unveiled plans to make all their super hero comic books priced at $3.99 available for download digitally for free with the purchase of said comic using one of Marvel’s various platforms.   With all the changes that are happening in the industry the digital environment has changed the way we read (and create) comics as a whole.   The impact is still evolving, but as a fan I’m geeked-out that the two major comic publishers are fighting for my hard-earned cash.   Now let’s hope they do the same with how the stories are told because AVX needs all the help it can get.
Your beloved Raphy signing out.