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The MOVIES of 2012


At the risk of getting personal, 2012 was, for me as I’m sure for some of you as well, a horrible year.   I had no desire to think about, dwell on it, hell, even spit on it.   I simply just wanted it done.  Over.   I knew though that there was more to it than just a bad year.   There were good times, times of escape, whether it be through a high-schooler with the powers and abilities of a spider or even a video game villain looking for a new lease on life.   Movies brought me peace, so as I bury 2012 for good let’s raise a glass to some 2012 movies that stood out.


dark knight rises posterAt another midsummer low point, I found myself surrounded by friends, comforting friends who indulged in a NOLAN BATMAN MARATHON to watch a great trilogy come to an end.   In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, I rose out of that prison pit with Bruce Wayne a stronger person in mind not just body.   Of course I did feel those blows all too well as Bane beat on the Bat thanks to a penetrating IMAX speaker arrangement.   Joking aside it was a fitting end to a take on Batman that will be missed and should really be used to launch JUSTICE LEAGUE but don’t wish to rant again.




The_Hobbit-_An_Unexpected_Journey.jpegToward years’ end I took an Unexpected Journey with a Hobbit who although perhaps excited about his adventure was not prepared for it.    That’s more art imitating life if I ever saw it.   Bilbo said it himself to Thorin when he said, “I would have doubted me too.”    Then you escape Azog, the White Orc, and realize it’s going to be ok, you can handle it.  We all have those moments when it feels like the pressure is too great and sometimes it’s entertainment like some of the movies of 2012 that relieve that pressure if only for a couple of hours, or offer insight into a world much larger than our own to help us realize that we too can rise above it all.   In our doubts we strive for answers and in our day-to-day lives we sometimes strive to escape  and movies are a damn good way to do so.  So here’s to you movies of 2012 — and Thank You.   Check out all these movies if you haven’t already along with many others like PROMETHEUS, THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, WRECK IT RALPH, THE LAWLESS, THE BOURNE LEGACY, and of course THE AVENGERS.   James “GHOST” Vecchia


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