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Movies of 2013


mos_poster2From one comic book hero to another, my next movie to see is without question MAN OF STEEL.   I’ll see STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS (releases May 13th) when it’s STAR TREK again with some deep philosophical undertones and not just JJ Abrams practicing for the STAR WARS gig.   MAN OF STEEL, on June 14th, relaunches what one could argue is the archetype of all super heroes — SUPERMAN.   From what I’ve seen, I love the tone of the film, and the combination of Synder directing and Nolan producing is an intriguing one.   On the animated side of things I’m really excited for MONSTER’S UNIVERSITY (June 21st) and DESPICABLE ME 2 (July 3rd).   These type of films usually are more fun and have more heart than their non-animated brethren.   Plus, aren’t we all just kids at heart.   Though a kid at heart, my patience is lacking at times and pet peeves come to light.   Take THE LONE RANGER (July 3rd) for instance.   Love Johnny Depp, but can we please get a Native American for what may be the lone fictional iconic role of a Native American in film and tv history!   Might I suggest a good book instead like Thunder rides a Black Horse, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, or The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History, but I digress.

Pacific-Rim-Official-PosterBack on topic, let’s talk the vision of Guillermo DelToro.   Though we were all robbed of his vision of GHOST RIDER which never happened, PACIFIC RIM is another must see for me and hopefully for you as well, as DelToro is sure to not disappoint.   Seems like we are going to get a good GODZILLA and TRANSFORMERS flick all rolled into one great movie on July 12th.   I suppose we could talk some WOLVERINE (July 26th) but with Aronofsky gone there’s nothing really to say.   Wolvie lost that vision and it is a crucial component that many overlook.  From DelToro, to Aronofsky, to Nolan, to Peter Jackson, they have that vision and it guides their films.

That being said, allow me to skip ahead to year’s end.   No, I am not forgetting THOR: THE DARK WORLD, it is definitely on the list and a part of my entire IRON MAN 3 fascination, but would rather spend some finally moments in the Shire.

TheHobbitTheDesolationOfSmaugOften we do not get the chance to “go home again” as it is said, but just like with THE LORD OF THE RINGS Trilogy, THE HOBBIT promises to return us to the home of Middle Earth for fantasy, adventure, and moments of wonder.   THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG is the second part of this second trilogy by filmmaker Peter Jackson which opens December 13th and promises to continue a great tradition that makes you long to see the great dragon or a kick-ass white orc, and what better way to close out another year.


I realize I missed some goodies like OBLIVION (April 19th), AFTER EARTH (June 7th), THE GREAT GATSBY (May 10th), ELYSIUM (August 9th), and SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR (October 4th) to name but a few, but that doesn’t mean we won’t talk of these things in the future.   Right now get ready for another year of movies, good, bad, and indifferent, and enjoy this mash-up trailer of THE MOVIES OF 2013 by the crew of MB11 PRODUCTIONS.

James “GHOST” Vecchia


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