hr_Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_32As stated I saw INTO DARKNESS in IMAX 3D and the view was spectacular! Let me say that as far as 3D goes I am in the group that is waiting patiently for this fad to fade away but I will say that the 3D here was nice; very pleasant to look at, rather than eye-straining, and immersing — first time 3D ever had me shift to my right as a spear was hurled my way (actually I think it was meant for Kirk and Bones). That goes for the movie as a whole being really inspiring to look at as I found myself wondering what JJ’s Star Wars Episode VII may look like.

Format aside let me state that I do not consider myself a hard-core Trek fan even though I adore the original series and it will always have a special place in my heart. I did also enjoy some of the earlier movies, Star Trek II to be precise, from which this film gets its inspiration, but the movies as a whole were not of interest other than seeing the original cast play around again and again. I was not a fan of NEXT GENERATION or DEEP SPACE NINE, and although I attempted to enjoy VOYAGER and ENTERPRISE I never really did for too long. For me it begins and ends with the original series.

star-trek-into-darkness-quinto-cumberbatch-pineMy one and only gripe with JJ Abrams 2009 STAR TREK is that the film lost the deep philosophical aspects of the original series leaning more toward the sci-fi/fantasy side of things rather than straight up science fiction. Other than that the film was solid in all else — visuals, acting, story, etc. That being said it is my only real gripe once again with STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS although I will admit that it is less of an issue and the film does inch a bit closer to where it should be on that pure science fiction scale.

The crew is really a joy this time around as they appear a bit

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