Superman-Unchained-1-poster-frontAs for the book itself, I rather enjoyed it.  It was a fun ride, albeit brief, and I did feel that Snyder was going to be building to something — that he has something to say here even if he has only started to mumble.  That is what I would like to see, a MAN OF STEEL backed by a writer and penciller that are UNCHAINED and show some real guts.  I felt an inkling of that here and nothing more, but it is just a short first issue so I am willing to be patient.

The characters here seem very grounded.  I assume that is because we are building, again slowly, to a time when things will be chaotic for all.  Superman appears confident in his abilities like Lois Lane in hers.  Clark Kent juggles aspects of his life much like Superman does with falling space satellites.  Perry White is the wise old reporter with a life full of stories.  General Lane looks to be a real military pain-in-the-butt, and Jimmy Olsen is a light-hearted modern-day young guy making his way in the world.  Maybe therein lies the idea of UNCHAINED.  It is about the embracing of life and it’s emotions whether good or bad.  Normally we train ourselves to embrace only the good emotions and run and hide from such bad ones as fear.  Perhaps here the idea is to unchain Superman, unchain ourselves, and embrace the bad causing a sharp, definite, dynamic, present moment.  It is like the story of the Buddhist student meditating in a room when he/she becomes aware of a snake.  At first fear sets in, makes them sweat.  Struggling to meditate and concentrate only detaches you from the moment, but when the student embraces the fear, it is then that they are in the moment and simply accept the snake.

Superman-Unchained-1-poster-backSUPERMAN: UNCHAINED is, at the moment, a C+, but I trust in these creators that they will quickly be unchaining themselves and releasing the Man of Steel.  Some fun scenes you might enjoy are Superman’s on-the-fly calculations on how to disarm a nuclear engine and the military’s “oh  dear” attitude when they realize that in an attempt to destroy some evidence they fired some missiles at Superman and he will either A.) id the culprits, B.) get “unchained” on who did the attacking, or more likely C.) Both.

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