The same argument can be made about DC’s Before Watchmen series about whether there really needs to be more backstory, but in the case of Thanos Rising, I think it adds a new component to the argument; does mystery matter in comics, or even storytelling anymore? As a reader, I love images-2knowing more about my favorite characters, but in most cases I like having little mysteries about their lives, and about their pasts. Not every details needs to be explored or seen, and in some cases if these origins aren’t done well, it can cheapen the character and make their attitudes and motivations even less significant. In the case of a villain like Thanos, a character so powerful and with such a long history in the Marvel Universe, I don’t know if it’s necessary to know how he became the destructive villain everyone knows. While I don’t want to pre-judge the book, as it may prove my expectations wrong, it still raises the question of originality and trying to mine existing characters for new stories. Whereas Marvel could make the decision to create some new cosmic character or branch out and take a chance on giving a character a new book as part of Marvel NOW!, it seems like this is a careful play, as it is safe to assume that Thanos will be playing a large part in the Marvel movies after his cameo in The Avengers.

I guess the point of this is to say that all art forms, especially comics, have benefitted from mystery, and from not knowing every detail about a character. By not spelling every detail out, the character has layers, and could be motivated by any number of past events, and in the opinion of this reader, simply makes me want to keep reading issues month after month when I have a limited budget and must carefully choose what books I buy. In imagesthe long run, I would say be weary of the origin story, because sometimes, there can be too much of a good thing.

For More on Thanos Rising, Click HERE, and leave a comment on your take on origin stories: are the necessary, or highly overrated?

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