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WRECK IT RALPH Builds Some New Nostalgia

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Ralph’s game, WRECK IT RALPH, is a classic celebrating its 30th anniversary yet it holds its own against new games like HERO’S DUTY — which made me want to run home for some HALO 4 action myself. Ralph’s dilemma is he is the bad guy of his game, and although he has no problem with the job per se, he doesn’t want to be defined by it and be just a bad guy. This leads to the wonderful journey, through the games of other characters, that Ralph sets out on in search of a hero’s medal that will win him acceptance. What he discovers along the way is a true friend, some unknown allies, and a better understanding of himself and his place in the world.

This new chapter in Ralph’s, and his game’s, life is not easy to attain. Along the way, Ralph meets Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, a wonderful female, first-person-shooter character voiced by Jane Lynch. Calhoun’s mission is to destroy the CY-BUGS that Ralph has mistakenly let loose upon the world of SUGAR RUSH. The SUGAR RUSH arcade cabinet, a sweet racing game, is where Ralph meets Vanellope von Schweetz. Vanellope is simply a doll, cutely played by Sarah Silverman, who helps Ralph embrace the hero inside him and not rely on a medal for its representation.

This is just the icing on a fun layered cake; there are so many other goodies sprinkled here to enjoy. So go and be wrecked by Ralph. Take pleasure in the cameos this film has to offer — from PAC-MAN and his Ghost enemies, to Bowser from SUPER MARIO, along with Doctor Eggman of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG fame. My favorites were the Q*BERT Characters who get cameos and a small storyline to boot.

I may not be able to go back to that arcade and dump ten dollars worth of quarters into a further attempt to defeat DRAGON’S LAIR, but we all can get lost in the delightful world of WRECK IT RALPH. Watch the trailer here.

4 Turbos out of 5 (Watch to find out what it means to go TURBO)

The Guy in the hat – Frank

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